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Medical Marijuana Doctors for Medical Cards
STEP 1 – See If You May Qualify


Qualify & Request Appointment(s)
Start here, take a few short minutes to review if you qualify and request your appointment. In the State of Florida, Seasonal Residents can also apply to receive a medical marijuana card.
STEP 2 – Receive Care


Go to Your Scheduled Doctor Appointment(s)
Get certified at your first visit if you’re eligible, upon your doctor recommendation, you’ll receive immediate validation for entry into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, operated by the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana who will approve your application.
STEP 3 – Receive Medical Card


Legal Medical ID Card License
After receiving approval a valid Identification Card is issued.
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Accept invitation to get your medical marijuana card and see the best Doctor near you.

Review How Our Clinic Works and Your Marijuana Card Eligibility


It can be easy to get a Florida Medical Marijuana Card if you have an approved condition, the Doctor will review your records and conditions with you. Patients receive help and guidance along the way to smoothly complete the process of getting a card when approved from the best marijuana doctors in your area.

You’ll receive quality care from certified Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors for evaluation, recommendation, cards and renewals. The Certified Doctors are ready to review records and certify patients on the first visit, and they can also renew any Doctor recommendations for patients looking to switch services. If you don’t receive your approval at your first visit, we can followup and review about scheduling with a Doctor that can be more understanding of your certain conditions.

With the Cannabis Care Clinic you’ll see the best doctor in your area that will evaluate you, and provide the proper care and certification that you need for your medical marijuana card recommendation. For your convenience, you’ll receive further assistance with the application you submit, and help pay all State processing fees if needed. Plus you receive additional benefits including a safeguard satisfaction guarantee with $10,000 in ID Theft Protection.

Both Florida residents and seasonal residents and “snowbirds” can qualify, and your signup is risk free with a money-back guarantee if you don’t receive your recommendation. We look forward to helping you get your medical card, and ensuring you have a great first time experience with high-quality products and savings from the best dispensaries in your area.

Schedule your appointment today, and the visit is free if you don’t receive certification approval from the Doctor.

Medical Marijuana Card Form Online (Free to Apply)

To help as many people as we can, our service can be compatible with any Doctor, and guarantees satisfaction.

Incase the Doctor Office locations don’t work for you, if you have a Doctor already in mind that you are interested in scheduling an appointment with, our service can still help you and provide our concierge-style support.

On a fixed income and can’t afford the start up costs? We’re proud to also offer a way to help low income families or individuals get a medical marijuana card started for free. The process is aimed to cover the costs for Doctor visits and evaluations and getting a medical marijuana card. Being on the free waiting list does not guarantee a card will be received. This special program works off donations.

Schedule your Doctor Appointment today, or if you meet the low-income criteria you can feel free to join the waiting list.

RISK FREE + Money Back Guarantee
Florida Residents and Seasonal Residents Eligible
Evaluation, Recommendation, Medical Marijuana Card
Certified Doctor Review of Your Condition Records
Pay Your Doctor Upon Certification at First Visit
Only Pay if You Receive Your Recommendation
Visit Is Free If Not Approved By Doctor For Certification
Certified Marijuana Doctor Network Access
Get Your Card & Receive All The Benefits
Free Medical Marijuana Card for low-income patients
Customer Protection * Safeguard Guarantee
$10,000 Identity Theft Protection
100% Respect for Privacy
Norton Shopping Guarantee


The law states requirements that qualified physicians may only issue a certification if they conduct a physical examination while physically present in the same room as the patient and have a full assessment of the medical history for the condition(s). You can be issued recertification through telemedicine methods if the health department still allows it, although to get your card for the first time you will need to see the doctor for an in-person.

The Doctor office will collect a charge for your evaluation and certification at your initial in-person visit if you are approved. They need proof of diagnosis to approve your certification, so your records need to be reviewed to confirm. You are required to have those medical records and documents prepared ahead of time for the appointment, either have them in hand or faxed in, and bring any prescription medicine bottles full or empty as well.

As of 2019, a valid State ID or Drivers License is required to include the correct current living address or the card can not be accepted, with no exceptions.

* Convenient physician locations across the State of Florida
* You pay direct with your Doctor upon certification
* You are required to be seen once every 210 Days
* Proof of only 1 qualifying condition is required
* Custom milligram dosage management plans
* Medical Marijuana Card Application Assistance
* All orders, changes, refills and renewal requests are rushed for satisfaction
Our customer satisfaction guarantee is backed by consumer protection benefits with an industry-leading safeguard guarantee while also including $10,000 in Identity Theft Protection. There’s also a customer fee money-back guarantee to help the few who do not receive a recommendation.

Cannabis Care Clinic services the entire State of Florida which offers seasonal residents and snowbirds an opportunity to qualify. Patients visit the best certified Marijuana Doctor in the area with the best evaluation and lowest price.
Florida rule 64-4.011, F.A.C. requires all patients and legal representatives to have a Compassionate Use Registry identification card to obtain medical cannabis, low-THC cannabis, or a cannabis delivery device from a licensed dispensing organization.

* A patient must have been diagnosed with a qualifying condition.
* A patient must be a Florida resident and 18+ years of age.
* If under the age of 18, a patient must have a second physician agree to the use in order to obtain an order from a qualified physician.
* A patient must have tried other treatments without success.
* Be diagnosed with a chronic medical condition approved by the Florida Department of Health for medical marijuana use.
* Be diagnosed with a chronic medical condition comparable in kind or class to those approved by the Florida Department of Health for medical marijuana use.
* An ordering physician must determine the risks of use are reasonable in light of the benefit to the patient.
* A patient must be registered with the Compassionate Use Registry by their ordering physician.
* A patient must submit payment for State processing fees at time of application submit

* Seasonal Residents (without having a FL State Drivers License) will need to have 2 forms of proof of residency.
Patients are eligible to receive a certification for complete cannabis care, low-THC and high-THC cannabis or medical marijuana if they suffer from the following conditions:

* Cancer
* Epilepsy
* Glaucoma
* Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
* Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
* Crohn’s disease
* Parkinson’s disease
* Multiple sclerosis (MS)
* Medical conditions of the same kind or class as or comparable to those above
* A terminal condition diagnosed by a physician other than the qualified physician issuing the physician certification
* Chronic nonmalignant pain caused by a qualifying medical condition or that originates from a qualifying medical condition and persists beyond the usual course of that qualifying medical condition

* Receive your medical marijuana card recommendation at your first visit.
* If the Doctor can’t certify you then you don’t have to pay for your certification.
florida medical marijuana telehealth telemedicine - How Our Clinic Works
Accept invitation to get your medical marijuana card and see the best Doctor near you.



Getting a medical card can help inspire patients to free their mind, learn new methods, revitalize their healthcare and replenish their lives.

We aim to provide the most compassionate medical card services and protect our customers providing a safeguard and exceptional service experience for all with our highly trained staff ready on call.

Our competitive edge is our experience and keen eye for quality care and innovation. Cannabis Care Clinic was started in 2015 and through the next years our company will remain an industry leader and continue providing superior value for all patients.
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Accept invitation to get your medical marijuana card and see the best Doctor near you.