Free Medical Marijuana Card Form

Application Form for FREE Medical Cannabis Evaluation & Recommendation for Medical Marijuana Card.

FREE Medical Marijuana Card Form

The list is welcome for anyone to join who can qualify. The free medical marijuana card program waiting list is only for patients with low incomes or supplemental security income or on social security disability (SSDI) with less than $950 a month.

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The process is aimed to cover the costs for Doctor visits and evaluations and getting a medical marijuana card.

Without expenses being covered yet for these low-income patients in need of marijuana medicine, many with fixed incomes are unable to try the new alternative that has been made available in the State. Approved by most everyone and their friends and neighbors, there should be a fast track towards enabling insurances to accommodate patients with cost savings the same as they do with other medications.

Join our waiting list for a free medical marijuana evaluation and a free medical marijuana card. We look forward to being able to frequently help schedule patients for cards at no costs through the certified Doctors on our network. Our offices and Doctors understand the troubles some face and we try to make arrangements to help low-income patients receive service through our sponsor donations. Joining this list does not guarantee you’ll receive a free medical marijuana card.

Our Cannabis Care Clinic accepts donations which help with affording patients with free Doctor visits and medical marijuana cards.

HELP (Help Eachother Low-Income Program)

Mainly supported by donations, though each and every individual signup helps afford another person to get a card, with a portion of booking costs going toward approved waiting list members.

Through our charitable Help Eachother Low-Income Program, HELP, our compassionate service helps low-income families access medical marijuana. This program is specifically for patients who can’t afford the startup costs to even see if medical cannabis can help, and the person must then be eligible for certification by a Doctor per approved ailments and per the State guidelines.

With each signup generated at normal cost, everyone becomes charitable with a portion of the amount paid going towards the HELP fund. The amount per signup generated is a percentage of the amount paid for our booking service, and this amount may be different and fluxuate from time to time with different promotions. As our HELP fund accumulates through each signup generated, the next person(s) on the waiting list can be accommodated with an initial visit paid for with a certified marijuana Doctor.

Accepting Insurance for Marijuana and Medical Marijuana Insurance Claims will be Reality Soon. Until Then We Offer Free Medical Marijuana Card Services for Low-Income Families.

Accepting Insurance for Marijuana and making medical marijuana insurance claims will soon be available for patients. It’s inevitable and only a matter of time. Health Insurance companies like United Health Care and TRICARE Military will most likely lead the way. With thanks to TRICARE, veterans will most likely benefit soon enough with cannabis access and may not have to pay crazy amounts to have it. The Department of Veterans Affairs will most likely soon reconsider its policies on medical cannabis. The writing is on the wall, and we will help patients with medical marijuana insurance when the time comes.

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